Free 12 Step Guide to Starting a Christian Coaching Business That is Authentically YOU! 

Start an Authentic Christian Coaching Business that Flows with Who You are!

Want to start an authentic Christian coaching business that flows with your complete DESIGN, a DESIGN orchestrated by God, the Ultimate Vision Giver, but not sure how to get started? Download this free guide today to learn how to start an authentic christian coaching  business in a shorter amount of time.

In This Guide, You'll Learn:

  • 12 steps to take to get started on your authentic Christian coaching businesss
  • What dynamics determine uniqueness and authenticity
  • What Christian coaching is and what it is not
  • How to spend quality time seeking God's instructions
  • How to determine if your goals are grounded enough to move forward successfully
  • The 5 elements necessary to reach and attract your true flock (target audience)
  • 18 possible niches that would be perfect for the Christian coaching industry
  • How to peel back the layers of your "why" so you can be deeply rooted on the journey
  • 8 areas that your Christian coaching business plan should include and necessary questions you should ask yourself to create a concise and effective plan
  • 13 steps required to make an uncommon commitment to get things done and to follow through
  • How to stay focused on what really matters
  • 15 ways to create revenue in your Christian coaching business
  • BONUS:  Vision Manifestation Prayer and Find Your Focus Questionnaire 

Begin the process of starting your authentic Christian coaching business today by downloading the free ebook now!

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